It’s always good to come back home.

Some snaps from here, there and everywhere.



I went down to London for the London Street Photography Festival which was great! And to see Jenn who has just moved there.

And then after I got back from London, spent a bit of time in Glasgow and went back to London and we drove to France!

When we got in there was a huge cockroach, I delt with it though.

They barked at anything.

Driving back from the ferry. All goods things must come to an end of course. I booked my return flight a month late so had to spend 10 hours on the megabus the next day after our approx. 15 hour journey.

and back to Glasgow!

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Snaps from March/June 2011

Just some snaps from her and there. Different films. No order at all.

Future Ida


Art School foam party


Having lunch in Stereo, Glasgow. All the police cars


Saw this on the way to hula class. 

Sam chased me around the room for 5 mins trying to get a bottle of irn bru off of me. He’s pretty funny.


Portaloo with a fucking tree. 

Token smiley face.

Sam’s forehead was used to put a candle out.


A silly van

Suzie in ABC

Pineapple football

Sunday morning

Smile it might never happen guy

Andy pandy

Chicken that looks like scrambled eggs if it was in focus

Cheese & Wine 

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Rave Camera

I was bored this morning when I got up.

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Maggie the Octopus

Stage One:

I hope it works out well. Will post up the finished product if so!

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I just wanted to take my name out of the equation as this isn’t really about my photographs anymore. I will put up some of my own photographs from time to time but mostly other peoples photographs and work.


>>>>>> <<<<<<

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